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My most Favorite of all my Pokemon/PokeRainbow Ships!
Here's some of the art of this shipped.

PokeHeartShipping by sandapolla

Art from others, Thanks you so much! :heart:

Commission for Me from Atlas-White by sandapolla commission 4 sandapolla by hikariangelove Commission_Sandapolla by Miyuki-Tsukiyono
Lee and Benjamin: Commission for Sandapolla by AzulNightengale Commission for Sandapolla by Nakiroe Commission .: Follow me :. by Icandoittoo Commission: Sandapolla by forte-girl7 AT - Pokeheartshipped by FloisonKeya CE - You Don't Look Like a Boy! by FloisonKeya COMM: Pokemon - Team Benjamin by pauldng

Bean "Jelly" Black

Since Bean is my newest Crystal Heart and the son of Benjamin and Lee. I thought I make a wedge for him! I'll rename the wedge when he have a ship like his parents, but til then It will be about him and his family and friends pictures.

Bean Black  by sandapollaMy Jelly Bean! by sandapollaMy Babies by sandapollaUnderwater Moment by sandapollaRP Art: First Meeting by sandapolla

Fan Art from others (Commission, request, art trades and just fan art)
Commission - Cat Moseng by Kirara-CecilVenes Jelly Bean by FloisonKeya

Fearie Smurf and his family/ friends

Some pictures of Fearie Smurf, his friends, and his family! :D

Contest Entry : Time for bed by sandapolla Fearie's Spring Song by sandapolla Hold Me by sandapolla Painting of My little family! by sandapolla Fearie Smurf's Bio by sandapolla Moon Star Smurfling by sandapolla Sun Star Smurfling by sandapolla Adult Sun Star by sandapolla Adult Moon Star by sandapolla

Art from others! Thank you all so much! :heart:

Laying under the sunlight (COM) by Demi-Sev Sun Star Makes a Friend by Kiss-the-Iconist Dreamy and Fearie Pixel Commission by Kiss-the-Iconist Sandapolla's Trade: Moon Star and Little Prima by Kiss-the-Iconist S-AT:: Take My Hand, Captain by VengefulNation Want To Be My Dream? by demonofnothing Fearie Smurf--Birthday Gift by OceanFairie
Happy (Late) Birthday Sandapolla! by EpicSmurfGirl Smurfs: Moon Star by student-yuuto Smurfs: Sun Star and Feral Smurf by student-yuuto Santa Event 1: To Sandapolla by BlueHecate

Event and Stuff that I'm working on!

Since I haven't done any RP in a long time I've change this to something else! It will keep track at where I am at on the group images and other projects that I'm working on!

PokeBoy Groups!

1) Boys Sleepover:

Part 1 (Line art: / Coloring: Working on it)
Part 2 (Line Art: / Coloring: Working on it)

2) Poka Poka Cafe:

Part 1 ( Line Art: / Coloring: Working on it )
Part 2 (Not worked on yet)

3) Boys at the Beach:

Part 1 ( Line Art: / Coloring: Working on it )
Part 2 (Not worked on yet)

4) Battle Arena:

Part 1 ( Sketching)
Part 2 (Not worked on yet)

The Birds Group Images

1) Hot Springs Troubles:

Part 1 ( Line Art: / Coloring: Working on it)
Part 2 ( Sketching)
So this summer I'll be looking to get some commissions of my birds and some with the ships! I already have few of just my birds. I could buy with points or with Paypal! I'm okay with use both of these to buy commissions. I don't have any of the ones with their ships yet, but I'm hoping to get sometime this summer! So I'm looking for anyone that don't mind drawing male x male relationships!

I'm looking for anyone that can do any of the following: Naruto Characters, One Piece Characters, Yu-gi-oh! 5D Characters, Soul Eater Characters and Smurfs Characters!

If you have any questions or just want me to know that your interested in doing a commission for me then just ask or comment below!

About Commissions: (Things that I get asked)

* Yes! The birds are all male their a race of all male so they tend to choose male mates for many reasons.

* The birds do look more girly, but that is just how their race is like.

* No! I don't ask commission for female x male relationship! I could get those for request very easy! I only commission for same sex since asking for request for them seems to be more harder! And if I don't have to pay to get an image I would  do that! Believe I've asked around more people are not willing to do a gay couple as request but are willing to do a straight couple for nothing! That's why I only commission my same sex couples.

* Most of the commission that I ask for are fluff pieces like holding hands, cuddling up to one another, a little kiss or holding one another. I do ask for +18 stuff but only if it's okay with the artist!

Thank you all for your time!

A few of my commissions (Their really cute looking):

Doughnut Loopie by sandapolla By :iconekkoheart:

Comm : Sandapolla by Riiahime By  Riiahime

[PC] Nillala Chibi by Cenicart by :iconcenicart:

Commission: BlueHecate 1 for Sandapolla by RinLockhart A gift from :iconbluehecate: made by :iconrinlockhart:

Maganess Icon Commission by Kiss-the-Iconist A gift from :iconbluehecate: made by :iconkiss-the-iconist:
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Artist | Varied
United States
Hey there!
I'm Cat! I live in St. Paul, Minnesota for all of my life!
I love to draw and paint and been doing it for a very long time now! I taught myself to draw and paint. I do art because it is a way to share my world with others and it helps me to relax. I've created hundreds of worlds! Some peaceful and others......well you would have to see to understand. I hope you will enjoy my art! :)

Oh I open an Google+ page! It's mainly pictures of my Birds and a few of my favorite OC couples, but if you like to see it I'll put the site up for you to look at! :D

CatM (Nell Nicka) :…

My DA Family:

.:iconepicsmurfgirl: My epic smurfy sister

. :iconsubzerogrowl: My PokeRainbow brother

. :iconsharkbait27: MY DA Sister

B/W Ani : Gifts FRIENDS ONLY - Button by Drache-Lehre
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B/W Ani : Art Trades (AT) CLOSED - Button by Drache-Lehre
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Hey! If I make a new group with the birds would anyone join? 

5 deviants said Yes! I would love to join your bird group!
4 deviants said Maybe! I'll have to think about it first or look at the group first!
2 deviants said Sure! If it has something that I like!
1 deviant said Not Sure! I would have to think about or learn more about it first!
No deviants said Nope! Never! I don't like them so I want nothing to do with them!


sandapolla has started a donation pool!
2,729 / 3,400
I'm working to get myself Premium Membership!

I'm doing adoptions now! I'm selling them for 20points to 90 points! There will be one each week! Keep an eye out for them!

I will post here for both Commissions and Art Trades! Look for my journal for information. So I'm adding a third Request section but the journal for that one will not appear to later in the month! It will change each month so Please Read the Journal! Thanks!

Commissions: Close

1 spongecorn (Paid)
2 OceanFairie (Paid)
4 BlueHecate (Paid)

Art Trades: Closed


Sandapolla's Mingle Request: Closed

1 HungryScorpion
2 BlueHecate
3 OceanFairie
6 SubZeroGrowl

To do list:

Mingle Request:

1 BlueHecate

Request (august)

1 h-perales2
2 nyro1
3 LinkHelios234
4 31Darkstar

Commission comics

2 ohhellno520 (6 pages)
4 Basher-the-Basilisk (1 page)
5 Kiss-the-Iconist (3 pages/ paid)
6 LinkHelios234 (1 page/paid)
7 BlueHecate (1 pages/paid)

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Just don't call me Flying rat! Because I'm not!

The Birds!

This to honor one of my favorite series The Birds! I'll post art of them on here and even art from others of them as well a section with them interacting with other character my they be OC's or Canon!

Mageness: Mageness's many looks by sandapollaChibi Mageness by sandapolla
Nell: Nell's many looks by sandapolla
Bevely: Bevely (many looks) by sandapollaBevely (Thunderbird) by sandapolla
Allanna: Allanna's many looks by sandapolla Allanna (Waterpella) by sandapolla
Plealla: Plealla (Phoenix) by sandapolla
Ruby: Ruby (Crysteanna) by sandapolla
Tailla: Tailla (Griffon) by sandapolla
Icesea: Chibi Icesea by sandapolla

Art from others! (Thanks you all so much for the art!)

.:REGALO:. Mageness by shiroblackye Mageness by Zikore MLP:Custom Pony for sandapolla by kiananuva12 MLP:Custom Pony 4 for Sandapolla by kiananuva12 MLP:Custom Pony 3 for Sandapolla by kiananuva12 MLP:Custom Pony 2 for Sandapolla by kiananuva12 Doughnut Loopie by sandapolla Commission: BlueHecate 1 for Sandapolla by RinLockhart Comm : Sandapolla by Riiahime I Can Get A Generator by Halloweeb161 [PC] Nillala Chibi by Cenicart


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Snow Angels by Yo-Snap  
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That's so cute! I wouldn't be surprise if those kinda angels lived on their world! XDD
OceanFairie Featured By Owner 3 days ago
I saw the second half of the Sleepover pic, Cat.^_^  I love what you did with Kyle in that one.^_^
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OceanFairie Featured By Owner 2 days ago
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Looking forward to an awesome summer with you!
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Hello how the commission doing what good news
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