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My most Favorite of all my Pokemon/PokeRainbow Ships!
Here's some of the art of this shipped.

PokeHeartShipping by sandapolla

Art from others, Thanks you so much! :heart:

Commission for Me from Atlas-White by sandapolla commission 4 sandapolla by hikariangelove Commission_Sandapolla by Miyuki-Tsukiyono
Lee and Benjamin: Commission for Sandapolla by AzulNightengale Commission for Sandapolla by Nakiroe Commission .: Follow me :. by Icandoittoo PokeHeartShipping sleep time by subzerogrowlCommission: Sandapolla by forte-girl7 AT - Pokeheartshipped by FloisonKeya

Fearie Smurf and his family/ friends

Some pictures of Fearie Smurf, his friends, and his family! :D

Contest Entry : Time for bed by sandapolla Fearie's Spring Song by sandapolla Hold Me by sandapolla Painting of My little family! by sandapolla Fearie Smurf's Bio by sandapolla Moon Star Smurfling by sandapolla Sun Star Smurfling by sandapolla Adult Sun Star by sandapolla Adult Moon Star by sandapolla

Art from others! Thank you all so much! :heart:

Laying under the sunlight (COM) by SamoanPrincess555 Sun Star Makes a Friend by Kiss-the-Iconist Dreamy and Fearie Pixel Commission by Kiss-the-Iconist Sandapolla's Trade: Moon Star and Little Prima by Kiss-the-Iconist S-AT:: Take My Hand, Captain by VengefulNation Want To Be My Dream? by demonofnothing Fearie Smurf--Birthday Gift by OceanFairie
Happy (Late) Birthday Sandapolla! by EpicSmurfGirl Smurfs: Moon Star by student-yuuto Gift - Moon Star by evilcrazysmurf Smurfs: Sun Star and Feral Smurf by student-yuuto

Role Playing List

So some months I only feel like playing a few characters so I decided to add a little list of the characters of my OC's that I'm willing to play. If their not on that list you might want to ask before asking for me to Role Play. The list will change as I feel like it need too!

One more thing I don't Role Play as Fan Character from Cartoons or Anime, so you please don't ask me to do so!

Characters List:

Rice: Rice the Bird of the Frozen Land by sandapolla

Gen: Gen's Bio by sandapolla

Cake: Chibi Cake by sandapolla

Bob: Bob Bio by sandapolla

Loopie: Little Loopie by sandapolla

Nell: Sorry I haven't finished picture yet! :(

I'm willing to do Adventure RP's as well as Yaoi RP! :)
(New) Update:

So the time of the month when I load the finished pieces has come! I haven't finished them all yet, but once the blue orb show up next to the number I will be loading the piece that day! Hopefully I can finished the last of them before I leave here to go to my family's house. Happy Holidays to All! :D

So now I close the rest of the ones that didn't get picked, but I'll be opening a poll each day this week to find who will be in the picture starting tonight. On another note I'm close to finishing a lot of them, but #18 is taking longer then I thought. Hopefully I can get it done by this coming week! I'm working really hard on it and it's the first time making this
kinda image so please be kind when I load it! TTwTT


You probably noticed the dots next to the numbers right! Well the red dots mean their being worked on  and that image is now closed from being picked! Then there's the big blue orb! Once that up next to the number it means the image is finished and is waiting to be loaded! I know I said I'll wait til 20- 30 of December to load ones that are done, but that's no fun to wait right! Well I tell you what I'll load the image early if you can guess the PokeRainbow Character that's in the image! Thou not to make it too easy you can only have two guesses and one clue to who it might be! The clue will be about the character! (Maybe something about them or something about what their like!) So if your image number has a blue Orb by it I'll let you have two guesses if you want. Please comment (Clue Please!) if you want the clue. Thanks and have fun! ^^ 

So first of all I will not be opening Commissions, Art Trade and Mingle Request this month. Though I do plan on doing something for Christmas and since PokeRainbow is my most drawing out of all my series this year I with be doing a some Christmas Art with them and others. All art for this will be loaded on 20-30 of December. I hope you will all like to take part in it! :D

A PokeRainbow Christmas:

Here's how it goes I allow the characters to pick their own Christmas Piece and I let you join in the fun of the pictures. You can have one of your own OC's or a Pokemon Character in the piece you would most likely want to be in. Any Pieces that are not picked before December 14 will be assign to a Pokemon Character (like Ash, Misty, May and so on). Oh and one more thing, the PokeRainbow crew don't want to tell you which one of them will be in the picture. So that's
gonna be a surprise once the pieces are loaded. I hope a few people will enjoy this Christmas fun! I'll have this Journal up til the December 31.

Christmas Pictures:

Maroon Dot Bullet - F2U!  1) Snowman Time: Come and built a snowman with me and my Pokemon you can even bring your Pokemon if you like too! (Fanny and Geniurf)

 Blue Pixel Orb  2) Under the Christmas Mistletoe: Come with me and you might get a kiss under the mistletoe this holiday! (Sub-Zero)

Maroon Dot Bullet - F2U! 3) One Horse Slade Ride: Come with me and my Pokemon on a ride through the snow and see the sites! (Garrett Saki)

 Blue Pixel Orb    4) Down Hill Ride: Come with me and my Pokemon and ride a wooden slide down the hills. If you want you can bring your Pokemon if their small to ride. ( Monique )

Maroon Dot Bullet - F2U!  5) Holiday Treats: Come with me in the kitchen and help me make some sweet treats for the party. Though my Pokemon are not much help at this time! (Sandra)

Maroon Dot Bullet - F2U!  6) Surfing the Snow: Come and snowboard with me, I promise it will be fun! (May)

Maroon Dot Bullet - F2U! 7) Snow Bunnies on Skis: Come with me and my Pokemon and run the slope on skis. You can even bring your own Pokemon if you like! (Bianca)

Maroon Dot Bullet - F2U!  8) Skates on Ice: Come with me and my Ice Pokemon skating on the ice doing some fancy tricks. If you have a Pokemon that you like to join do bring along! (Misty)

9) Winter Games: You think you have what it takes to take me on in a game of hockey, then bring it on! ()

 Blue Pixel Orb    10) Gift Wrapping: Come and help me wrap gift for all the others. I could surly use the help since my Pokemon are making a mess. ( Kazan)

Maroon Dot Bullet - F2U!  11) Snowfall: Come with me and my Pokemon outside and play in the snow, you can bring your Pokemon with you too! (Isaac with Smurfurf)

Maroon Dot Bullet - F2U!   12) Cuddling by the Fire: Come with me if you want to cuddle up by the fireplace eating chocolates. Who know we might even have a little fun. (Kairi )

 Blue Pixel Orb  13) Holiday Songs: Come with me and my Pokemon and sing holiday corals. I know my singing is not the best but I'll try my hardest. (Cornelius Raibon)

 Blue Pixel Orb   14) Drinking Hot Cocoa: Come with me if you like Hot Cocoa with tiny marshmallows! (Sub-Zero)

 Blue Pixel Orb  15) Christmas Tree: Come help me and my Pokemon decorate the tree! If you like you can bring your Pokemon too! (Jerome and his Trapinch )

16) Racing in the Snow: Come and race your Pokemon if their big enough for you to ride. I promise not to make it easy to win. ()

Maroon Dot Bullet - F2U!  17) Snowball Battle: You think you can take my team on, well me and my Pokemon with make you sorry to take us on. Ooh...bring your own Pokemon Team! (Me with either Dannibot or Fanigal)

 Blue Pixel Orb  18) A Holiday Special: Come with me and have a fun time with my Pokemon. You can bring your Pokemon if you like too! It will be magical! (Ash Ketchum)

All you have to do is post on this Journal: the piece you would like, what character (OC or Canon Character) you want in it and if you add Pokemon you'll have to tell me what Pokemon  you plan on having with the character. I will allow everyone to pick two if they like. You don't have to use the same character in both pieces if you don't want too! If you have any questions about the pieces or about the rules please do ask. (Though I won't tell you which PokeRainbow character is in which picture.)

Christmas- Plusle Thanks and I hope you'll enjoy the holiday pictures!Christmas- Minun  Christmas- Marill Christmas- Emolga Christmas- Pachirisu Christmas- Pikachu Elf



2)PRH: Under the Christmas Mistletoe by sandapolla Jay Gray and Sub-Zero! ( XD )


4)PRH: Down Hill Ride by sandapolla Mildred Blue and Monique! (Have a fun time )


10)PRH:  Gift Wrapping by sandapolla Arthur Brown and Kazan! (Trying hard to get those gifts ready!)


13)PRH: Holiday Songs by sandapolla Anna Cream and Cornelius Raibon (Just hold your nose!)

14)PRH: Drinking Hot Cocoa by sandapolla Heidi Peach and Sub-Zero (Drink some good cocoa!)

15)PRH: Christmas Tree by sandapolla Roy Maroon and Jerome (Such a sweet family moment)


18) PRH: A Holiday Special by sandapolla Benjamin Purple and Ash Ketchum (You'll need to click on it to watch it!)

  • Mood: Euphoric
  • Drinking: water

Which Pokemon Character would you like to see in the "Winter Games" Image? (Tie Breaker) 

6 deviants said Brock
4 deviants said Paul
1 deviant said Who's the Man! Me!


Artist | Varied
United States
Hey there!
I'm Cat! I live in St. Paul, Minnesota for all of my life!
I love to draw and paint and been doing it for a very long time now! I taught myself to draw and paint. I do art because it is a way to share my world with others and it helps me to relax. I've created hundreds of worlds! Some peaceful and others......well you would have to see to understand. I hope you will enjoy my art! :)

My DA Family:

.:iconepicsmurfgirl: My epic smurfy sister

. :iconsubzerogrowl: My PokeRainbow brother


sandapolla has started a donation pool!
2,464 / 3,400
I'm working to get myself Premium Membership!

I'm doing adoptions now! I'm selling them for 20points to 90 points! There will be one each week! Keep an eye out for them!

I will post here for both Commissions and Art Trades! Look for my journal for information. So I'm adding a third Request section but the journal for that one will not appear to later in the month! It will change each month so Please Read the Journal! Thanks!

Commissions: Closed

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Art Request: Closed

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Art Trades: Closed


Sandapolla's Mingle Request: Close

1 subzerogrowl
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To do list:

Request (august)

1 h-perales2
3 nyro1

Commission comics

1 Recoome5555 (4 pages)
2 ohhellno520 (6 pages)
4 Basher-the-Basilisk (1 page)
5 Kiss-the-Iconist (5 pages/ paid)
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7 BlueHecate (2 pages/paid)
8 aoefreak9 (1 page/ paid)

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