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I love making art where my characters interact with other people, so I made these special request where you can see my characters interact with others be it canon characters or other OCs! So let's have fun with this! :)

There will be six spots open and you must make the request before you can get a spot! Since spot will only be giving to those who follow the rules. I will change the chosen characters each month and there will be four chosen characters to choose from each month. So be nice!


1) The Request must have at least one of the characters on that was chosen to be on the journal any request that's made with out one will be rejected.

2) Your request can have up to four people that are not the one of the chosen characters, but the one of the chosen has to be in the picture.

3) The chosen character must interact with one or more of the other characters. Please don't make a request where the chosen character is just sitting in the background while the others do things.

4) Unlike regular request I will do one page comic with five panels, but if you want a comic it has to have a chosen character in it and you have to tell me what you want in each panel.

5) Those that get a spot can have up to two request, but you can only have one comic and both request has to have a chosen character and it can't be the same character in both pieces.

6) I'm will to change the regular request rules for these which means I'll draw sonic and MLP but it has to follow the rest of these rules or no request.

7) I will not do bash or hate art! It's just not in my nature!

8) Please No Vore ( I love my OC like their my children and I can't do this to them)

9) I won't do any mature art if the girl or boy character in the cartoon or fan art is under 18 years of age!

10) Please be patient! I will get things done it just take time to work and it's hard to work on it if you keep asking for it!

I might add more rules later months. If you have any questions about the rules or don't understand them please ask on the journal.

Chosen Characters:

Chibi Hugh by sandapolla Hugh (From Mages or Lreamra) He's a light Mage and can summon light creatures!

Carrot by sandapolla Carrot ( From Dagma Town/ Animal crossing) She's loves plants and is a bit on the weird side.

Minako (I confuse you) by sandapolla Minako (From The Birds) He's is the mocking bird and he can change his colors and mimic other people.

Jay Gray Bio by sandapolla Jay Gray (From PokeRainbow) Everything you need to now about him is on this picture. And yes he is gay!

Special Request Slots

* Picture of Sub-Zero, Jay Gray, Lee Black and Benjamin Purple hanging out as friends
* One Page comic of Minako and Furr

* Picture of Ash kissing Carrot

* Fanny (her Pokemon), BlueHecate (her Pokemon) and Jay Gray (His Pokemon) hang out

* The two sisters hangout with Hugh

* One page comic where Kairi tries to teach Jay Gray to hula but both fail at it

* Picture of her OC Sandra in a Pokemon Battle with Jay Gray

If there's anything you need to now about the chosen characters please do ask on this journal! Thanks! And keep an eye out for the this journal next month! :)
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Artist | Varied
United States
Hey there!
I'm Cat! I live in St. Paul, Minnesota for all of my life!
I love to draw and paint and been doing it for a very long time now! I taught myself to draw and paint. I do art because it is a way to share my world with others and it helps me to relax. I've created hundreds of worlds! Some peaceful and others......well you would have to see to understand. I hope you will enjoy my art! :)

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I'm working to get myself Premium Membership!

I'm doing adoptions now! I'm selling them for 20points to 90 points! There will be one each week! Keep an eye out for them!

I will post here for both Commissions, Art Request and Art Trades! Look for my journal for information. So I'm adding a third Request section but the journal for that one will not appear to later in the month! It will change each month so Please Read the Journal! Thanks!

Commissions: Closed

1 ohhellno520
2 johnnyd2
3 BlueHecate (paid)
4 Basher-the-Basilisk
5 NickyVendetta (paid)

Art Request: Closed

1 subzerogrowl
2 LuckyClover38
3 spongecorn
4 LinkHelios234
5 alvarobmk123
6 h-perales2
7 Nyro1
8 Austria-Gentleman

Art Trades: Closed

1 subzerogrowl
2 Cherrywind101
3 Kiss-the-Iconist
4 ProxyMandrill90000
5 TentacleCutie

Sandapolla's Mingle Request: Full

1 subzerogrowl
2 Austria-Gentleman
3 BlueHecate
4 TentacleCutie
5 aoefreak9
6 OceanFairie

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subzerogrowl Featured By Owner 1 day ago
I see hikariangelove added you for the paypal commission Cat. I'm so excited for her results. :D
sandapolla Featured By Owner 1 day ago   General Artist
Yep! Can you guess what it is?
subzerogrowl Featured By Owner 1 day ago
A PokeRainbow pic?
sandapolla Featured By Owner Edited 1 day ago   General Artist
Yes and a kissing one too!
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hikariangelove Featured By Owner 1 day ago
I have add you :)
sandapolla Featured By Owner 1 day ago   General Artist
Thanks! :)
hikariangelove Featured By Owner 1 day ago
To you ;)
subzerogrowl Featured By Owner 3 days ago
Hi Cat, since I'm very patient, how's my art trade? :)
sandapolla Featured By Owner 3 days ago   General Artist
It's going a little slow I think it's because the Pokemon are much bigger then I though they would be! I hope to finish it by Wednesday!
subzerogrowl Featured By Owner 3 days ago
Okay. Good luck. :)
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