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My most Favorite of all my Pokemon/PokeRainbow Ships!
Here's some of the art of this shipped.

PokeHeartShipping by sandapolla

Art from others, Thanks you so much! :heart:

Commission for Me from Atlas-White by sandapolla commission 4 sandapolla by hikariangelove Commission_Sandapolla by Miyuki-Tsukiyono
Lee and Benjamin: Commission for Sandapolla by AzulNightengale Commission for Sandapolla by Nakiroe Commission .: Follow me :. by Icandoittoo PokeHeartShipping sleep time by subzerogrowlCommission: Sandapolla by forte-girl7 AT - Pokeheartshipped by FloisonKeya

Fearie Smurf and his family/ friends

Some pictures of Fearie Smurf, his friends, and his family! :D

Contest Entry : Time for bed by sandapolla Fearie's Spring Song by sandapolla Hold Me by sandapolla Painting of My little family! by sandapolla Fearie Smurf's Bio by sandapolla Moon Star Smurfling by sandapolla Sun Star Smurfling by sandapolla Adult Sun Star by sandapolla Adult Moon Star by sandapolla

Art from others! Thank you all so much! :heart:

Laying under the sunlight (COM) by SamoanPrincess555 Sun Star Makes a Friend by Kiss-the-Iconist Dreamy and Fearie Pixel Commission by Kiss-the-Iconist Sandapolla's Trade: Moon Star and Little Prima by Kiss-the-Iconist S-AT:: Take My Hand, Captain by VengefulNation Want To Be My Dream? by demonofnothing Fearie Smurf--Birthday Gift by OceanFairie
Happy (Late) Birthday Sandapolla! by EpicSmurfGirl Smurfs: Moon Star by student-yuuto :thumb479093843: Smurfs: Sun Star and Feral Smurf by student-yuuto Santa Event 1: To Sandapolla by BlueHecate

Role Playing List

So some months I only feel like playing a few characters so I decided to add a little list of the characters of my OC's that I'm willing to play. If their not on that list you might want to ask before asking for me to Role Play. The list will change as I feel like it need too!

One more thing I don't Role Play as Fan Character from Cartoons or Anime, so you please don't ask me to do so!

Characters List:

Minako : Minako (I confuse you) by sandapolla

Icesea: Chibi Icesea by sandapolla

Team Huggbee: Team Huggbee by sandapolla

Benjamin Purple: Benjamin's Eevee Outfit by sandapolla

Lee Black: Chibi Lee Black by sandapolla

Bunnie Black: Baby Bunnie by sandapolla

(Oh and if you have any questions on the OC I have up! Please do ask!)

I'm willing to do Adventure RP's as well as Yaoi RP! :)
I thought I answer a few things about this series and let you know a little more about them! They are the most interesting race of beings next to my Children Series!

The birds is a small race of beings that are actually one gender! They have male gender on the outside, but have both male and female parts on the inside. They don't stay in one place all the time and can change their look base on the planet their on to look like the dominate species on the planet. Nobody know what their true form really looks like and I believe they like to keep it that way to keep themselves safe! There are a lot of other out there who would like to get their hands on this little race.

How do they have babies? :
-Birds mate with each other or with another male to create a hatchling (what they call their young!). They can't have babies with females since their genealogy won't work with the opposite gender to their base gender. They do have some berries that they eat to keep themselves from getting pregnant. 

Why don't they Age?:
- They age up to the age of 19 years old, after that they stop aging! Some like Mageness or Nell can live very long life and always look like their only 19 years old. It has to do with the cells and blood in their body that they got through the Children Bloodline. So once they hit 19 years old, Birds tent to not count their age anymore.

Do they have powers? :
- Yes! They all can self heal themselves as well as shield themselves with a barrier! Beside that all the birds have a power base on their name (Which in their world is the word for the type of bird they are! Like: Paulie = Parrot)

Where did they came from? :
- Birds are a half breed species that was created by the children blood line. Believe me tons of species blood line come from the Children since their one of the four first species to start life.

Are they a type of Angel? :
- Not Really! They have wings like Angels and sometimes get mistaking for them, but the birds are not angels. Their a race that have a lower level to an angel and have more contact with all the other species out their. Some Angels can't stand the Birds since they have more compassion for other living things and understanding without judgement.

What are the Eight Bird Knights:
-The first eight birds are know as the Bird Knights that also include the Prince of the Birds (Mageness)! These Eight Birds keep the balance of their little home world and protect their home from others that want to destroy it!

Where do they live?:

- Though they move from plant and time! Their main home is called the Home Tree! A huge tree that they all life in little houses in. Their home is usually surrounded with water and wilderness! In a way The Home Tree is like the Tree of Life!

Can they be in any cartoon or anime? :
-Yes! They could end up in any cartoon or Anime world since they do get reborn in different worlds once they died! And since they can change forms they can make themselves as look like the cartoon or race that is in the cartoon.

What is a breeder Bird? :

- Breeder Birds are the birds that are not form the first eight! They do normal jobs and other things around their home world. Though to the two different classes of birds it doesn't really change anything. They all think of themselves as one big family that live and work together.

What is their curse about? :
- Yes they do have a curse on them that can never be lifted! They are curse to be reborn to never remember how they died or what happen in their past life. Once reborn they could be born in another place or world from the one they died in. It was place on them by the highest level being that only it can remove, but it won't!

Other's Questions

What is Mew-Lee's description?: (by :iconsubzerogrowl: )
- Mew-Lee is the Starling with power of fabric/cloth and sewing! He can bring cloth dolls he makes to life to do what he want them to do. He can also change the texture, color, and size of fabrics. He is sometimes seen carrying two large sewing needles and a belt of threads. These are his weapons as well items he use to do other things. He can be timid when he's around a lot of people.

Is there a fire bird in this series?: (by :iconsubzerogrowl: )
- Yes! Plealla also know as the Phoenix. He have the power of Fire and lava. He is one of the eight bird knights.

If you have anymore question about them please asked on this Journal and I'll answer them back! I'll even add them to this journal! :D
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Gonna do some Art for the Bird series! Which Bird would you see? (You can comment on the form you like to see them in!) 

2 deviants said Mew-Lee (The Starling)
1 deviant said Nell (The Nicka)
1 deviant said Plealla (The Phineox)
No deviants said Nisha (The Raven)
No deviants said Shon (The Kiwi)
No deviants said Kengia (The Tanager)
No deviants said Leck (The Gull)
No deviants said Somalla (The Overbird)
No deviants said Villie (The Wren)
No deviants said Page (The Pigeon)


Artist | Varied
United States
Hey there!
I'm Cat! I live in St. Paul, Minnesota for all of my life!
I love to draw and paint and been doing it for a very long time now! I taught myself to draw and paint. I do art because it is a way to share my world with others and it helps me to relax. I've created hundreds of worlds! Some peaceful and others......well you would have to see to understand. I hope you will enjoy my art! :)

My DA Family:

.:iconepicsmurfgirl: My epic smurfy sister

. :iconsubzerogrowl: My PokeRainbow brother


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